Electrum-BYND has been released

The Beyondcoin Electrum wallet has been released for Windows and Linux platforms!

Get Electrum-BYND here: https://electrum-bynd.com

Benefits of Electrum-BYND

  • Don’t need to download the blockchain (SPV)
  • Secure and impenetrable network of electrum nodes to connect you to the blockchain (funds are secure and safe)
  • Multisig and many other advanced wallet tools (e.g. utilization of master keys and seed phrases)
  • Legacy, segwit, and bech32 support
  • Built-in lightning network support

Note: If you cannot connect to a node, try connecting to e1.electrum-bynd.com:50001:t (note the :t). You can do this by clicking Tools → Network → Uncheck “select server automatically” → type e1.electrum-bynd.com:50001:t under the server text field → hit enter.

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